The Game Of Life, Your Game And Mine

As we evolve through life and time, there is a certain way we all must swim, go or travel. That is our own choice. What is not our choice is that forward movement that never does stop. Sure, we can try to live in the concrete past, and even make “negative points”, but life and existence is always in forward motion like gravity and physics works.In my opinion and some reality, we automatically go toward what we consider God or the good for ourselves. What I mean by that is we become what we are most genuinely attracted to in existence. Sure it seems like an oversimplification of things. But, is that not real? I mean, even the most evil people in the world are attracted to what they consider “good”, right down to “patriotic wars” and all of that for “the benefit of the people”.

Sure, I am making this article about the game of life simple to understand and easy to apply, but not easier and not simpler.So, we all have a Good or a God, even if we claim not to, and that God is what benefits us in our own unique way, really. We have got to serve somebody or something even if it is our deeper selves.A few minutes ago before I started on this article, I was having a snack and realized that simple truth about life: Even if we are totally evil, ultimately we naturally gravitate to what is good for us, even if we are good, we do not really want to be on the side of evil. That is human nature, there. Like I said, what justifies war and murder in the minds of those committing the crimes of war and murder? At a surface level, nothing is justified. But, deeply: The whole game is justified by its roles, rules, and players. You have the right and you have the wrong. Everybody, including the wrong, ultimately want to be right or win the game.

I was thinking about the play Jesus Christ Superstar, today as I was coming up with this article, and I thought to myself that all dramas, comedies and everything are ultimately games from a standpoint of higher evolution of reality, but they seem serious when you are in them. From wars, to business, to the drama of Christ, and just everything, it is a sort of game with right, wrong, winners, losers and all. Right, wrong or in the middle, we must swim forward or sink and go nowhere. Action is the currency, money, and medium of trade and work. We must make our choice where we are.

Promoting the Benefits of Work Order Software

Work order software (CMMS software) is a key part of a successful equipment maintenance program. Work orders are typically one or more tasks assigned to one or more maintenance personnel for the purpose of equipment item. These tasks are for preventive maintenance, projects, repair maintenance or other types of work. The maintenance staff enters, updates, assigns and closes work orders. This requires a certain level of commitment to the work order software and the expectation of benefits for the expended effort. As such, promoting the benefits of maintenance software is every bit as important and making the work order software easy to use.

  • What are the benefits of work order software to your organization?
  • How are the benefits of work order software promoted to maintenance employees?

Benefits of Work Order Software to Your Organization
The immediate and short-term benefits of using this software are as follows.

  • Easier delivery and communication of work assignments.
  • Balanced workload.
  • Improved spares management.
  • Better management and accountability of work assignments.
  • Improved equipment reliability.
  • Cost savings through analysis and resulting process improvement.

One of the main benefits this software is the ability to deliver the work assignments to personnel using a paperless system. Work orders are emailed in user-friendly formats such as Adobe Acrobat. This saves paper and consistently delivers the work assignments to the same place every time. Alternatively if a paper system is preferred, then automatic printing of assigned tasks is possible. Some more advanced software solutions provide scheduled automatic task assignments. This capability also frees up the maintenance manager as manual assignments ate reduced substantially with this automated system. Lastly, work orders are accessible directly from the software itself. This avoids email and paper use; however, access to a computer that either has the software loaded or has a web link to the CMMS system is required in this case.

Balancing the workload over time and resources is possible with a scheduling tool such as work order software. Organizing tasks based upon available resources optimizes these resources and results in more work completed in the same amount of time. Spares linked to work templates results in automatic spares usage and allocation to the task. This feature of many CMMS solutions results is consistent use of the correct spare part for the job and better accounting of spares use. Some CMMS systems provide live links to equipment runtime components (such as hour meters) further automating the work assignment procedure.

In addition to immediate and short-term CMMS benefits long-term benefits may accrue in as little as six months depending upon level of use. The more the software is used the greater the benefits in general. Below is a listing of some of the long-term benefits of using work management software.

  • Querying the work history database simplifies compliance reporting.
  • Analysis of work history guides the maintenance manager in allocation of work.
  • Reporting spares usage provides a guide for restocking.
  • Reliability and overall equipment effectiveness KPIs optimize task assignments adding tasks in some cases and removing tasks in other cases.

Promoting the Benefits of Work Order Software to Employees
Choosing equipment maintenance software that is intuitive and accessible is a key factor in promoting the use of the software. Additionally, user screen customization is beneficial in that it gives the user a sense of personalization and control over the system. This user-level customization generally relates to screen colors, default screen, screen labels and other preferred settings. Configuring the software so that maintenance users are able to manage their own work has benefits as well. Studies have shown that a sense of accomplishment with work is a primary job satisfaction indicator. Use of work order software provides this satisfaction as maintenance employees see exactly what work is required and close out their own work orders. In many cases, this leads to improved morale and greater productivity. This is only possible if user level roles and permissions are available within the software.

By adopting this management style, users feel empowered and feel a greater sense of ownership of the equipment they are working on. Once again, this leads to improved morale and productivity.

Another group of software user are the personnel that request work. Making it simple for an inexperienced worker to submit a repair ticket to the software encourages the use of the system. In many cases a web interface is best for this function as it is accessible from many locations and various devices.

Promoting the benefits of work order software benefits your organization with the ultimate result of improving equipment reliability and the reducing maintenance costs.


Understanding the benefits of work order software, not just to your organization but also to those that use the software ensures that the system provides the maximum benefits while encouraging maintenance personnel to take ownership of the equipment they service. The results are efficient maintenance and equipment reliability.